Monday, July 01, 2013

Battlefield of Ryojun, Set of Japanese Postcards 1905

Set of Japanese Postcards Battle of Ryojun 1905

Complete set of eight b/w postcards „Postcard of Old Battlefield of Ryojun“.

Inscriptions in Japanese and Chinese. Images of monuments, battle field, canon, shrine, generals. (General Nogi is seated in the center next to Russian general Anatoly Stessel after Russian forces surrendered at Port Arthur on 2 January 1905).

The Ryojun Guard District (旅顺要港部 Ryojun Yōkōbu) was the major navy base for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Kwantung Leased Territory before and during Second Sino-Japanese War All postcards are unused and in very good condition, the sleeve shows light wear.

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