Friday, February 26, 2016

Exciting Raphael Kirchner Postcard with Puppet Player

Raphael Kirchner postcard

Raphael Kirchner postcard with puppet

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Very decorative Raphael Kirchner postcard, Art Nouveau. It depicts a young lady, playing with string puppets. The postcard is not very common.

Artist signed: Raphael Kirchner. E.S. W. Mark at reverse. The postcard has been used i 1904. Neat writing, good condition.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ottoman Empire Antique Copper Plate

Antique Copper Plate from Ottoman Empire

Decorative, antique copper tray, engraved, chiseled by hand. Probably 19th Ct. It measures 13" in diameter ( 37,5 cm ) and weighing 1080 grams. Artist signed at the rim inside.

  Antique Copper Plate from Ottoman Empire
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Suspension at reverse. It looks great when hung at the right place and makes a unique gift.

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