Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cajetan Felder CdV with authentic Signature from ca. 1880.

Dr. Cajetan von Felder Carte de Visite by the Imperial Photographer J. Löwy in Wien. Authentic signature at the back of the photo.

The autograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Cajetan Freiherr von Felder (1814 -1894) was an Austrian jurist and entomologist (specializing in Lepidoptera). He was elected to the first district council of Vienna in 1848 and served as mayor of the city from 1868 to 1878.

Felder is chiefly known for his work with his son Rudolf Felder and Alois Friedrich Rogenhofer Reise Fregatte Novara. Zoologischer Theil., Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera. Three volumes (1865-1867). The Novara was an exploration ship. With the help of Rudolf Cajetan von Felder amassed a huge entomological collection.

The insects from the Novara expedition are in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna.

A collection of approximately 1,000 letters and postcards sent to Felder between circa 1856 and 1891 is held by the Natural History Museum. They were sent to Felder from all over the world by leading 19th century entomologists and deal mainly with the exchange and purchase of specimens, Lepidoptera in particular.

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